What is Media Photography?

Media photography is one of the photography forms used for shooting documentaries, interviews, events, or any other large-scale videos and photos. This form of photography should be efficient and focused on the subject matter being portrayed, giving the right vision to the audience.

What are the services offered by MirrorPictures in the Media Sector?

A documentary shoot is a short movie that depicts the reality of a particular subject or life event. Our MirrorPictures’ professionals are highly skilled in performing the documentary shoot covering every little detail of the documentary.

Documentary Shoots

An interview shoot is highly significant both for the interviewer and the interviewee. Researching the subject and covering point to point details in an interview is where our MirrorPictures professionals hold expertise.

Interview Shoots

An event needs significant planning and management to go well. Our event planners are highly experienced in event management and organization.

Event Management & Organizing

If the audio for a video or shoot is not excellent, the video does not have much to tell. Audio experts at MirrorPictures deal in high-quality audio production and offer services such as- Audio Mixing, Audio Post-production, Sound Design, Voice-Over Production

Audio Production