To grab the audience’s attention
Teasers & Trailers:

Every movie begins with a teaser and trailer. So, yours shall also start with a teaser.

Tighten your seat belts and indulge in a journey of creating memories for a lifetime with MirrorPictures. Get the teaser of your picture ready with us.

Teasers and trailers are made to grab the audience’s attention and pique their curiosity to make them eager to see the real album or movie. 

Teasers and trailers are not just limited to Bollywood or Hollywood movies. They play a vital role in the product marketing of any video product. With the help of teasers and trailers, you acquire traffic, leads and customers. Your teaser should be a straightforward, attractive summary of the main movie/video. MirrorPictures help you build one. 

We help you in creating the trailer and teaser of your choice by putting the effective elements required for a teaser-

Complete Guide
How MirrorPictures make a Teaser and Trailer
  • Introduction to the product
    Your audience will get an idea of who you are and how your product works based on the introduction that you provide, but with a pinch of a bit of a mystery. The trick of making a good teaser or trailer is to give the idea without reveabng the significant details. We assist you in shooting the trailer in a way that people get a glance at what your real movie is all about.
  • Visuals
    We understand that the images and videos are processed faster in your audience’s mind than the text. A perfect teaser is one that has the use of high-quabty video and images and the minimabst use of text. We cater to this need too by using multimedia with our HD cameras and text accordingly. Look out for our sample teasers and trailers to get the perfect idea about MirrorPictures-made teasers.
  • Name and Brand Logo
    It is a must for a captivating teaser and trailer that your brand/movie name or logo should display at least once in the entire video. Leave the worries of presenting an amazing video to your audience and just trust MirrorPictures. We create a connection between the story and your movie or product that the audience will fall in love with. We know just the right places to make your logo/name appear on the screen.
  • Social Proof
    Incorporating social proof such as quotations, social media bnks, reviews or videos, and images from people might help highbght your brand name. Well, we are there to assist you with your social image too. We will ensure that your teaser or trailer has all the social bnks needed for a tremendous influence on your audience.
  • Call to Action (CTA)
    Last but not the least is CTA for your brand. At the last of your teaser, there should be a logical step that attracts your audience towards the next stage. MirrorPictures stand in assistance with you to offer CTA for your brand/movie in the form of-
    • Bringing people to subscribe to your channel.
    • Signing up for your newsletter
    • Getting updates for the new product
    • Buying the product (if any)
We offer for creating Teasers and Trailers include-
  • Creation of the Hook to make the audience pay attention to the teaser/trailer.
  • Creation of the Premise to provide the necessary context to the audience.
  • Creating the Twist to complicate the Premise.
  • The Montage creation for inducing a higher energy level among the audience.
  • Creation of the Peak to make the trailer more dramatic or interesting.
  • Last but not the least, the CTA to channel the momentum.