Short films

A short film can be defined as a motion picture that is made to give a message to society. It is not a feature film as the duration of the running time of the film is not more than 40 minutes. But, even short films require technicians, experts, video directors, sound producers and other teams of experts.  Without the experts, your short film might not be an eye-catcher. Our team of experts at MirrorPictures excel in every type of video production. Providing the optimum Short Film services for the corporates, entertainment or education purpose is another excellent area of MirrorPictures. Our short film division team ensures that the video quality, audio quality and film compilation always exceeds your expectations.

Types of Short Film genres we deal in include-

  1. Comedy Short Films
  2. Drama Short Films
  3. Horror Short Films
  4. Animated Short Films
  5. Sci-Fi
  6. Documentary
  7. Experimental Short Films

For a successful short film, the narrative and direction must be right. Sounds and videos must go in sync with each other to appeal to the audience. Several amateurs, young students and filmmakers are producing short films. But, not every short film draws attention due to the lack of direction or the quality of the picture and sound. 

Every individual has a hidden filmmaker in him. Each one of us has an experience or a story to share with others. You just need the right company who can assist you in producing your short film. MirrorPictures have experienced professionals who have the right equipment necessary for shooting your short film. We have a team of short film video production which offer services like short film production support, training short film production, demo short film videos and much more. We assist many upcoming filmmakers in making their showreel and presenting their short filmmaking prowess. We assist these filmmakers to present their ideas on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix etc., which is not possible commercially on the big screen. 

We know that our short filmmakers are strong in their creative side. MirrorPictures help such creative and talented filmmakers by offering infrastructure production support to them. Several amateur individuals have an idea of the storyline but are unaware of the process of short filmmaking. They might have photographers too who wish to produce a video, have great creativity and framing experience but lack the required support for short film production. This is the place where MirrorPictures steps in. 

As an experienced short film agency, MirrorPictures cater to the needs of the short filmmakers by offering them readymade and customized packages as per their requirements. Our short film packages allow the short filmmakers to choose as per their requirements. Our packages include-

  • The Basic short film package

This package is ideal for shooting a run and gun video. Under a minimal budget, we will give an upscale look to your short film without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • The Delux short film package 

The Delux short film package is a good choice for shooting a film in a controlled environment. We shall offer you multiple choices of location for shooting the film and even attain all the permits necessary for the shooting. 

  • The Superior short film package

This short film package is ideal for filmmakers who wish to shoot a high-quality short film of international standards.

These short film packages by MirrorPictures are transparent in cost.  

We, at MirrorPictures, have professionals who will take care of the entire short film production, leaving no worries to the filmmaker except for their storyline in our short film packages mentioned above.

Our in-house shooting equipment makes the task of short film production easier and offers cost-effective shooting options. Our experienced camera crew has handled many short film projects, so you can expect excellence from them. 

To add to your joy of filmmaking, our short film packages are customizable so that if you need additional requirements, you can easily make additions to your package. 

Additional services/ equipment offered by us include-

  • Backdrops
  • Chroma screens
  • Cine sliders 
  • Steady cams
  • Camera rigs
  • additional crew
  • Art directors
  • Choreographers, etc.

You can check our testimonials to know more about our work, team and our regular clients. Do not forget to request a call back from us for more information on your short film projects.