A Rockstar Party
What are Party Shoots?

Fulfill your dream of walking on a red carpet and experience it getting filmed for a lifetime with our party shoots. Our certified professionals cover everything from private parties to corporate office bashes. MirrorPictures assure you that we will give you the look and feel of a rockstar party.

Corporate parties photoshoot

Corporate parties are a way of refreshment after the hectic work schedule. There is lots of entertainment and fun between colleagues that any corporate would want to capture to showcase as a part of employee-employer bonding. MirrorPictures have experts who deal specifically in corporate party photo shoots

House-warming party

Stepping into your dream house is always a dream come true. You would want to capture every little moment right from entering into your new house to having a photo session with your loved ones in your new abode. Our experts at MirrorPictures understand your sentiments attached to your new home and, therefore, create beautiful long-lasting memories for the first steps into your new home.

Wedding Anniversary party

Wedding Anniversaries always define the love and journey you both have taken since the years. MirrorPictures make your special day more special by honouring your journey of togetherness with the perfect photographs and videos. Our skilled professionals know all the tactics and have the best equipment to make your day worth remembering. So, do not forget to book MirrorPicture expert photographers who excel in wedding anniversary photography.

Birthday parties photoshoot

No matter what your age is, a birthday photoshoot is always a great idea to create memories every passing year. Here, at MirrorPictures, we create beautiful memories with our birthday party photography experts. You can check our portfolio for our sample birthday party videos and still photographs. Our services include-

  • Still Birthday Party Photography
  • Birthday Party Videography
  • Customizable Birthday Party photoshoot package
  • Backup Security

Teenage gatherings

Teenagers who want a fun party with a difference will not forget to choose MirrorPictures for some high-quality keepsakes. We know how to pamper children with photos and videos of a perfect birthday celebration. Our services include-

  • Customizable teen photoshoot package
  • Time-specific photoshoot
  • Photo-booth photoshoot
  • Small mounted photographs
  • Group photos
  • Dance/Disco Videography
  • Dance/Disco Still Photography
  • Party memories collage