What is Maternity and Newborn Shoot?

A new start to parenthood is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. From capturing the beauty of a glowing bump to holding your newborn for the first time in your arms, we capture every special moment for you. We bring you the best maternity and newborn shoots with the best of cameras and the best of lenses.

What Maternity and Newborn Shoot services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of maternity shoots, listed below-

  • First-trimester photo/video shoot
    Pregnancy is the most amazing and beautiful time in a woman’s life. The journey of being a parent begins with the initial moments of the first trimester. Our first- trimester photoshoot takes you back in time whenever you see the moment of becoming a parent. Services offered by us include:
    • Couple maternity photoshoot
    • Mother’s portrait maternity photoshoot
  • Second-trimester photo/video shoot
    We, at MirrorPictures, feel privileged to accomplish this beautiful task for you in your second trimester. With the beginning of your second trimester, you must be keen on jotting down memories for this journey. Our MirrorPictures professionals have years of experience in the second-trimester photoshoot. Services offered include-
    • Finalizing the location for the photoshoot
    • Taking necessary permits
    • Portrait maternity photoshoot
    • Couple maternity photoshoot
    • Diva maternity photoshoot
  • Third-trimester photo/video shoot
    The third trimester is the final and last stage of your pregnancy, where you can entirely feel the baby inside your womb. Our professionals are all set to capture the alluring glow on your face with the right equipment to capture the loving memories of your third trimester. Services offered by us include:
    • Portrait maternity photoshoot
    • Couple maternity photoshoot
    • Glamorous maternity photoshoot
  • Growing bump photoshoot (monthly)
    Every parent dreams of seeing their kids’ grow right from the womb. Growing a pregnancy bump is the first step marking your child’s growth, and we are sure you would not want to miss it. MirrorPictures’ professionals have been doing maternity growing bumps, and newborn photo shoots for years.
  • Delivery time photo/video shoot
    Finally, there is the day when you will get to hold the little one in your hand. From the ‘delightful pain’ of delivering the new addition to the family to having the little one in your hands, we give you the privilege of a delivery photoshoot for this once-in-lifetime experience.
  • Newborn baby photo/video shoot
    We are sure that you’ll be willing to record the first cry, the first yawning and the very first touch of your newborn baby. Our professionals will be available with you at the right time to capture the golden moments of your newly born baby.

So, get ready and book your slots now to grab the best photographers and videographers at MirrorPictures for never fading memories.