What is Photography in the
Communications Sector?

Communications photography includes everything from commercial photography, brand videos, explainer videos to promotional videos, social media videos and much more. MirrorPictures professionals are experienced to handle the various services of communications photography.

What are the services offered by MirrorPictures in the Communications Sector?

Advertising reel/commercial photography is related to the sales of the product used for advertising a business or a product.

Advertising reel/ Commercial

A Brand video is the marketing video or content that is used for advertising or promoting a brand name. MirrorPictures’ professionals are experts in videography and photography of your brand video.

Brand Video

We know that you would want to show the world what your company is about. The Corporate profile videos are a great way of letting people know what your company is all about.

Corporate Profile Videos

HR is among the people in a company who can best describe a company. The MirrorPictures ‘ professionals assist in producing high-quality Corporate/HR videos.

Corporate/HR Video

For a crowdfunding campaign, the audience needs to be engaged about the campaign. It can be gained with the help of crowdfunding videos, and MirrorPictures’ experts are really good at making and capturing crowdfunding videos.

Crowdfunding Videos

Educational videos are a source of an attractive way of learning for kids. MirrorPictures’ professionals can provide detailed shoots for these educational videos for all ages.

Educational Videos

An explainer video is a video made for marketing or sales highlighting a company’s products, services and business ideas.

Explainer Videos

MirrorPictures has gaming artists who are experts in creating 2D and 3D art for the gaming elements.

Game Art

Delivering a message with beautiful graphics, footage, and effects is what infographics videos are all about.

Infographics Video

Make your brand logo look brighter and catchier with the assistance of MirrorPictures’ professionals, as we are experts in Logo Animation.

Logo Animation

An interview shoot is highly significant both for the interviewer and the interviewee. Researching the subject and covering point to point details in an interview is where our MirrorPictures professionals hold expertise.

Interview Shoots

An excellent promotional video increases the chance of sales by creating a conversation with the audience through the video. We at MirrorPictures have trained experts who help in creating these promotional videos.

Promotional Video

Any media or brand content can be best promoted through social media. Social Media Video Production is among the expertise of MirrorPictures’ professionals.

Social Media Video Production

Training videos are a part of every educational video aiming to teach a skill. These training videos are shot and created by our training video experts.

Training Videos

Industrial shoots include photo and video shoots for machines and manufacturing processes in industry. These shoots can be used for the promotion and branding of an industry.

Industrial Shoot

The event shoots capture every little detail of an event so that it can be cherished forever. MirrorPictures professionals are experts in shooting any event.

Event Shoots

From capturing the tiniest details of your portfolio to editing it to the best version, we carry our expert portfolio shoot.

Portfolio Shoot