What Are Interview Shoots ?

Interviews are one of the most interesting shoots in the cinematography world. The interview shoots aren’t that difficult if treated with expertise. Interview shoots are a straightforward method to produce video content for your brand. Our expert interview shoot professionals have an eye to scrutinize every little detail and deliver a flawless final shoot. We take care of everything from the pre-interview to the after-interview. 

What Interview Services Do We Offer?

Interview Shoot services offered by MirrorPictures include-

1. Pre-Interview

  • Researching the subject
    Our researchers research the subject for you and find the facts that you may need during the interview. The subject opening should be that makes both interviewer and interviewee comfortable.
  • Camera and equipment
    Our interview shoot crew members ensure that the camera and other equipment required during an interview are fully charged. Our experts carry extra batteries, chargers and memory cards for emergencies.

2. Setting up the interview shot

  • Positioning the subject – Leave the worries of setting up the interview, to our professionals. Keeping the rule of thirds in mind, our interview shoot set-up experts choose which position and place will be good for the seating of the subject so that the video is visually interesting.
  • Audio setup – Our audio recording team set up external mics such as shotgun, boom or lapel to clearly record the audio. The internal camera mic does not work properly sometimes, so setting up the external mic is important.
  • Capturing the eye line – The videography experts at MirrorPictures are aware of the technical know-how of the interview. They will capture the interview with different angles such that the interviewer and interviewee have direct eye contacts

3. During interview

During the interview, our interview shoot crew will be head over heels with their cameras and audio recorders to capture the best shots. Our technicians will take care of the pause, changing of wider shots and close-ups according to the questions being put up to the interviewee.

4. Completion of the interview

Our post-interview shoot experts do not forget to capture some natural room noise to cover up edit points. Once the entire interview is over, our audio and video editors will edit the interview shoot accordingly.

So, do not wait more and get in touch with MirrorPictures’ experts for an effortless interview shoot.